“The Crisis of Painting”
2005, oil on unstretched canvas, 49×109″ In collection.


“The Myth of Science”
2005, oil on unstretched canvas, 49×109″ P. Illig

“Displacement of the Ancient”
2005, oil on canvas, 40×60″ diptych.
In collection.


Original “Dialog” paintings.
Installation of 21 14″ square oil paintings.
Spark Gallery, Denver CO, 2005.


“Three Europeans (Redeemed by America)”
2001, oil on canvas, 32×62″.
Collection Christine Bourron, NYC.

“Gray Areas”
2001, oil on canvas, 34 x 68″ P. Illig

“Triumph of Theory”
2003, oil on canvas, 40×30″

“The End of Language” 2005, oil on canvas, 48×32″
Collection of Sharon Bankert, Denver CO

“American Infidel”
2003, oil on canvas, 69×28″


“Dance at the Metropolitan”
2002, oil on canvas, 40×30″
Collection of Peter Blank


“Western Scene”
2001, oil on canvas, 24×36″
In collection.

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